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Regarding the organization

A team of hard-working volunteers runs Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers.

You may find their information below:

Kase Tan, Founder and President
Kase is the ‘creator’ of Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers, an alternative volunteering experience. After years in marketing and program planning for various organisations, Kase is dedicated to combining her vigor, skills and her love for life to the underprivileged children.

Eunice Lim, Vice President
Eunice brings her background in design and art and a successful career with local design firm and had exhibit art works at various art events. She discovered her artistic talent and passion during elementary school. Eunice is passionate about ensuring that other children have the same opportunity to love and excel in art that she had.

Minami Ueda, Secretary
Minami is a marketer who has worked in various multinational corporation. As a avid traveller, Minami values the importance of travelling and creativity in learning. Her involvement with Shiny Munchkins allows her to model for her children that we can all give back to our communities.

Merilyn Lin
Merilyn works with an overseas non-profit organization serving needs to the local communities. Her endeavors to various communities reconnected her to reality and Merilyn is dedicated to help the children in need of educational needs.

Png Seow Ling
Seow Ling previously served as a volunteer in outreach programs in Chiang Mai with architecture background, among other non-profit and community involvement positions. She is also an active volunteer with local communities. Seow Ling brings his non-profit passion to Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers.

Toi Shi Hui
Shi Hui is an early childhood educator, who has experienced, first-hand, the impact of education on students. Inspired by the creativity and imagination she’s seen from young students involved in the arts, Shi Hui is confident that the arts can help any child create without limits – and Shiny Munchkins can help.

Yang Qiaoru
Qiaoru is an advertising guru with quirkiness and vibrancy running through her veins. With marketing experience working with various international brand names, Qiaoru brings her passion to Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers and the local communities.

Amelia Lim
Amelia works closely with children in various non-profit organization. Armed with an education in social work, She is also an active volunteer with Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers. Already involved in the non-profit community for the past 8 years, Amelia brings her non-profit passion to us.

Michelle Tan
Michelle is a full time travel consultant based in Singapore. Her work requires an abundance of travelling and that had inspired her to value the qualities of global citizenship. Her involvement with Shiny Munchkins allows her to give back to our communities and it’s children.

Chen Hui Ning
Hui Ning loves her cats, food and art that makes part of the world brighter. She had held art shows and exhibited art works at various art events. Hui Ning is driven about ensuring that other children have the same opportunity to love and excel in art that she had. Make art and love on.

We are currently a registered society with Registry of Society (ROS) UEN: T15SS0220F. Tax deduction will only be applicable after we attain non-profit organisation status. Looking forward to the upgrade in near future!

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See you around!

We hope to change the mindset of travelling. Despite the origin of it being nomadic, we believe in planting the seed of goodness along the way. Travellers will experience travel with new friends, local volunteers, children and form a magical connection with them! All of us play a part in being a Global Citizen and we want to be that platform.

Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers hope to redefine travelling by adding a good cause to it. Short term volunteering with children may be a controversial topic, we strive to proof that wrong. Our sessions with the children takes place only after school hours in order not to disrupt lessons and they work as a rewarding educational workshop/camp. We also work very closely with local volunteers so to form a greater synergy, better learning opportunities and understanding of each other’s culture. The recipients are essentially both the volunteers and the children.

Everyone has an experiential takeaway that revolves around love!

We are entirely volunteer-run. Do fill up the following form and state your interest in employment. We will contact you when such opportunities arises.

Regarding trips & donations

Shiny Munchkins Welfare Traveller comprises of a group of friendly travelers heading out to the world to share, love and play a role of a global citizen. About Welfare travelling, this is how we coined the term:

welfare [wel-fair]
the good fortune, health, happiness, prosperity, etc., of a person, group, or organization; well-being:

We care, an exceptional amount. Besides travelling, we want to look at the our environment,  local communities, the people, the children and their welfare. With our backpacks on our backs, we try to bring about happiness everywhere we go. It is a part-time volunteer, full-time human role we play by organizing camps, feeding programs and educational activities for the children.

Anyone can join us as a Shiny Munchkins Welfare Traveller! Bring on a great smile, stories to share and a heart to care, we love it when we have someone new on board. Join us for our trips and fundraising activities to mingle with the greatest bunch of people. If you would like to contribute more, please email us to let us know more about you!


*Children below 12 years of age who are not accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or someone who is at least 18 years of age are considered unaccompanied minors and are subject to specific restrictions.

We love the brilliance of creativity, kindness and someone of a kindred spirit! If you possess any talents, skills or ideas that you would like to share with us, please join us to make this shine brighter. Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers works together, with you.

All donation goes to funding educational materials, collaborations with various Non-Profit organizations and our ultimate goal of putting our sustainable projects in place. All personal travelling expenses are taken care of by the volunteers themselves. On a side note, sometimes we buy ice-creams for the hardworking volunteers but I bet you wouldn’t mind!

Each child goes home with a Shiny Munchkins Educational kit!

Our key message of being a Global Citizen help the children understand the world in a different light. We love how the interactions across culture, religion and races makes us learn more than what a classroom can offer. With a structured teaching model, we teach the children about moral education, environment and global citizenship.

Besides that, we are also looking at sustainable educational programs for the children.