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Shiny Munchkins Passport

The Little Kind Passport by Shiny Munchkins Welfare Travellers is one of our latest initiative.

The former ‘The Little Kind Passport’ received an awesome revamp from the good people at ONO CREATES. With volunteers and contributors from the community, we re-designed the passport for the children at Shiny munchkins. Every child will receive the passport with a themed drawstring bag that revolves around being a Global Citizen.

Combining our Flight Theory of C.A.R.E ( Courage. Acceptance. Respect. Empathy), Environment (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and Global Citizenship. We believe the only way forward is to share the ideas of Diversity, Community and Belonging. Activities from the passport will consist all the elements to encourage each child to practise these principles. We hope to share this experience with as many children as we can. For interested parties, please contact shinymunchkins@gmail.com to find out more.

For PDF Version: shinymunchkinspassport_FA

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